People are at the heart of Sarah. We’re committed to building workplace wellbeing into everything we do. 

Incorporating six dimensions, the program initiatives represent our genuine commitment to the wellbeing of our people. Sarah aims to be a leader of workplace wellbeing in the construction industry and we’re taking steps to empower our staff to lead meaningful change in this space.   

We work with our staff, subcontractors and wellbeing practitioners to continually review and evolve our wellbeing program, to ensure we’re constantly challenging barriers and implementing best practice initiatives.  

Sarah’s Six Dimensions Of Wellbeing:  

Community: We bring staff and community members together through various initiatives to support social and environmental causes. 

  • Volunteering leave 
  • Birthday charity contribution 
  • Opportunities through the Sarah Foundation 

Family: To help you manage competing family and work commitments, we support a range of different family requirements. 

  • 16 weeks paid parental leave 
  • 1 week partner pay 
  • Trade time for salary increase 

Emotional: Your emotional wellbeing is important, how you manage this is different for everybody which is why we support a range of different initiatives. 

  • Coaching and Counselling through the Mindfulness Centre 
  • Wellbeing leave 
  • Mates in Construction GAT and connector training 

Physical: Keeping healthy and physically active boosts energy levels and helps you manage stress. We support you to stay healthy. 

  • Health checks and flu vaccinations 
  • Sarah sports club on Strava 
  • Social sporting activities 

Financial: The ability to manage our finances is directly linked to our overall wellbeing which is why we create pathways for you to take control of your financial wellbeing 

  • $200 wellbeing reimbursement 
  • Westpac workplace banking program 
  • Salary continuance insurance 

Career: To create meaningful careers, we offer a wide range of programs to support your ambitions and continuous professional development. 

  • Individualised Development Plans 
  • CPD program 
  • Executive Coaching and mentoring 

Our Building Wellness program is continually being reviewed to ensure we are providing the best initiatives for our people.