Sky City Casino, Sky Bar and Oasis Deck

Sky Bar and Oasis Deck
Sky City Casino
Managing Contractor - Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
$3 Million

Adelaide’s Sky City Casino received a $3 million upgrade in 2007, with Sarah coming on board to build a new outdoor and entertainment area.

The ‘Oasis Bar’ is situated in the centre atrium of the casino and surrounded on all sides by three levels of the casino. The limited access to the site meant Sarah had to bring materials in with a crane, which required road closures and meticulous planning.

The new bar was constructed with structural steel canopies, which were partially assembled in the casino forecourt before being lifted above the building and positioned into place. A new concrete topping slab was added to the existing floor and was also craned into place using hoppers.

Other features included upgrading the heritage façade, waterproofing the existing suspended slab, new underfloor drainage and construction of the bar, timber decking and raised stage.

Sarah completed all works, on time and on budget, while the busy casino maintained full operation. Detailed planning and coordination with key stakeholders was integral to the projects success.

Sky’s the limit.

Sky Bar and Oasis Deck

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Continuity of trade. Limited ‘after hours’ Sarah worked with the Casino to identify quiet trading times in which to conduct noisiest works.
  • Access limitations – limited ability for which equipment could go onto deck. Sarah offered solutions to problem solve – larger sections were pre-fabricated and each one lifted into place.
  • Material deliveries – timing of deliveries on site was critical. Sarah created sophisticated delivery schedules to ensure that materials were delivered only when needed, and then immediately taken to the build site, as no storage location was available.

Client Outcomes

  • Very little disruption to operation of casino throughout construction.
  • Project delivered on time and on budget.
  • New deck has been highly popular with patrons.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Experience and knowledge of how to operate on-site in challenging locations.
  • Flexible solution approach, whatever the issue.

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