Sarah Build delivers your modular, residential and fitout solutions backed by Sarah’s sixty plus years of experience and reliability. With Sarah you can be confident that you’re in safe hands. We bring our depth of knowledge and commercial certainty to every project.    

Driven by market demand, Sarah identified market sector needs not being serviced by our traditional construction delivery. With a solution focus as a core Sarah value, we have responded by developing Sarah Build to deliver:  

  • Mixed construction methodologies including modular 
  • Program of small, unique builds and fitouts 
  • Renewed focus and increased flexibility for residential sector 
  • To customers who need outside the square solutions 
  • By a trusted, reliable builder that provides certainty 

You have a problem – We have the solution

We meet with you to understand your business and bespoke project constraints to tailor a solution that delivers to your core values. The table below reflects a range of issues you may face and possible solutions that we can deliver.

Your Problem

Our Solution

Looking for one trusted service partner, feeling overwhelmed as unsure where to start We align our creative problem solving approach to your business values to deliver best fit solutions
Outside the square or non-traditional project constraints The depth and breadth of our team combined with innovative building methodologies ensure we deliver tailored solutions for challenges of all kinds
Limited budget for bespoke build Our value focused construction approach delivers you best value for money solutions
Tight delivery timeframe Save time through concurrent site preparation and warehouse construction
Site restrictions – remote regional site / operational environment / sensitive community use Fabrication offsite reduces construction impact with less people and time on site
Multiple project constraints requiring mixed construction delivery Ultimate flexibility under one roof; traditional or modular, commercial or residential
Quality control and consistency across projects Standard level of quality, building within a controlled warehouse.
Stakeholder Management Early modelling enables full visualisation prior to building.
Want a build partner they can trust – require assurance and reliability We draw on over 60 years of experience and successful operation in Construction

Tell us your problem...

Make an appointment to discuss your project constraints and find out how we can provide the solution you need.