At Sarah Constructions, we don’t see problems, we see solutions.

Our approach to Innovation forms part of our growth as a company; our consistent research and implementation of new technologies ensures we continue to deliver the most efficient, cost optimized, and advanced solutions available to our clients.


Our approach to modular construction provides our customers with ultimate flexibility, transforming the project delivery options available for our clients. Used in the right setting, Modular can provide less time on site, greater program control, high quality results and value for money.

We provide volumetric, nodal and panelized solutions – for elements of a building or for an entire project.

You come to us with a problem, and we’ll provide the solution. By understanding key project drivers, we can provide a custom solution to suit. That may mean a combination of different delivery processes – traditional, modular, or a combination of both – to provide the most effective and efficient result.

Our modular prefabrication warehouse space, the ‘Sarah Solutions Centre’, and our ongoing investment in the supply chain ensures we have the capacity and flexibility to respond to ever changing market demands.

We have a team dedicated to research and design that are continuously developing this technology.


As one of South Australia’s largest commercial builders, Sarah is striving to reduce our environmental impact within an industry that is one of the highest emitters of Greenhouse Gas.

Sarah is taking a responsible and long term approach to sustainable construction by investigating the various materials and techniques available to contribute to a cleaner future. In addition to recycling on waste and minimizing our energy consumption, which are rightfully common practice across the corporate landscape, Sarah has developed and implemented our site Solar Energy Pods (SEP’s) in partnership with NRG Solar. The SEP’s are site-based shipping containers converted into mobile solar pods, capable of producing 12Kwh of power and saving 10 tonnes of Co2 per year.

Minimization of construction waste is a priority for us; we have collaborated with researchers at the University of South Australia who are looking at addressing this issue right from the start, during the design phase of a project. Smarter building design, enhanced by advancements in software technology, has the potential to provide substantial environmental and cost benefits – I.e. dimensioning a building to utilise standard material lengths, from the structure through to final fit out.

Our team is also actively seeking high performing sustainable materials to be offered to clients as alternatives when less environmental materials are specified.


In order to provide the most efficient, cost optimized and advanced solutions to our clients, we are consistently researching and implementing new technologies. We employ a dedicated team to conduct extensive research into new and emerging world-wide construction materials, techniques and methodologies, which are then developed and assessed for feasibility before implementation and ongoing review.

Currently, our focus on future technologies revolves around Building Information Modelling (BIM) Technology, but it doesn’t stop there – Automation and Modular Prefabrication, Digital Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), 3D printing, Building Connectivity and Facilities Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Robotic Automated Laser Scanning/ 360° Camera processing, defect analysis, Digital Twin, Alternate building materials/ techniques, Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) could all be working together on a Sarah site in the near future.

The implementation of these innovations, and our ongoing research and development, provides Sarah Constructions the ability to anticipate and offer solutions for tomorrow’s problems, today.