Our business operates a prequalification system for all new subcontractors. It is a Sarah Constructions policy to only issue subcontracts to those subcontractors who have met our prequalification requirements. To apply for prequalification, please email us at All subcontractors must comply with the conditions as set out in Subcontract Work, Health & Safety & Environmental (WHS&E) Requirements.



For our successful prequalified tenderers/subcontractors we have two subcontract forms. The subcontract form that will be issued to you will be as noted in our Invitation to Tender or as confirmed by our Estimating or Project Management Staff: Minor Works subcontract, Conditions of Sub-Contract agreement Major Works subcontract as amended.


Purchase Orders

We may from time to time issue a Purchase Order for minor and incidental works, for these terms and conditions, please download via this link.

If you would like to be invited to price tenders via BidContender and are not already receiving electronic invitations, please contact our tendering department