Whyalla Secondary School Artists Impression
Whyalla Secondary School Artists Impression 2

Whyalla Secondary School

Department of Education
- Education - $100M

A new $100 million state-of-the-art secondary school will be built in Whyalla to accommodate 1500 students in years 7 to 12. Designed in collaboration between COX Architecture and Thomson Rossi, the new school will combine three existing government high schools in the region.

Key features of the school include contemporary STEM focused learning spaces, multi-level outdoor learning and social spaces, a landscaped plaza at ground level, double court gymnasium, expansive sporting fields and courts that can be utilised by the community and a performing arts theatre and outdoor amphitheatre.

The new school comprises of five major buildings along with multiple courts and playing surfaces across the site. With the exception of the gym, the four main buildings are linked via a high level courtyard effectively creating a single structure further connected through the construction of link bridges between buildings. The emphasis of bringing the outdoors indoors is achieved through the internally landscaped plaza in addition to the indoor/outdoor learning and social areas spread throughout multiple floors.

COX Architecture, in collaboration with Thomson Rossi, designed the school so that it would integrate the history and traditions of the existing high schools while creating its own sense of identity and belonging that will embrace the whole community.

The new school is expected to be complete for the first students to commence in 2022.

Whyalla Secondary School artist render video

A snippet from Seven News Spencer Gulf showcasing the Sod Turning in Whyalla from the 5th May can be found here.

Time Lapse

Whyalla Secondary School’s timelapse update from September 2020 can be viewed here.

For construction enquiries relating to the Whyalla Secondary School project please contact:

You can find out more about this project here.


SA Schools PPP

Department for Education
- Education - $230M+

The South Australian State Government has chosen the TESA Education consortium to deliver two new birth to year 12 schools in the Angle Vale and Aldinga regions of outer metropolitan Adelaide. The TESA Consortium is comprised of Sarah Constructions, together with Tetris Capital, DIF and ISS Services Australia. Sarah Constructions are the Design and Construct Contractor responsible for the delivery of the two schools.

The two new Schools are part of a major program to establish best practice school infrastructure across South Australia, and to enhance South Australia’s reputation as a destination for capital investment. This major project will create jobs and contribute to state economic growth.

Each School will be constructed to accommodate 1675 student at the initial opening, and will be master-planned to accommodate planned Future Capacity to a maximum of 2084 students.

Each School will include facilities for students, teachers, parents and the wider community. The design of each school is focused around creating contemporary learning spaces designed to empower educators to allow young people to engage in rich disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning. Each site will provide Pre-School and Long Day Care Services, along with OSHC programs. Both Schools will include Performing Arts theatres, Libraries and Entrepreneurial Hubs, VET Kitchen and on site Cafeteria, Primary and Secondary Gym facilities, dual purpose Soccer and Hockey fields and full size AFL ovals.

To accommodate the new schools there is also significant transport infrastructure upgrade works occurring in both regions including the construction of new roads and  intersections.

Both Schools are intended to be operational for the first term of the 2022 academic school year and have a combined construction cost in excess of $230 million.

Aldinga Birth to Year 12 School artist render video
Angle Vale Birth to Year 12 School artist render video

Time Lapse

Aldinga Birth to Year 12 School’s time lapse update from September 2020 can be viewed here.
Angle Vale Birth to Year 12 School’s time lapse update from September 2020 can be viewed here.

For construction enquiries relating to the SA Schools PPP project please contact:
Aldinga Birth to Year 12 School – newaldingaschool@sarah.com.au
Angle Vale Birth to Year 12 School – newanglevaleschool@sarah.com.au.

You can find out more about these projects here.

ECH Smart Road Modbury

ECH Smart Road Modbury

ECH Incorporated
- Aged Care - $44M

Construction has commenced on one of Australia’s first retirement villages to incorporate a Montessori Early Learning Centre (ELC), offering spacious, contemporary apartments set in a vertical village comprising 8-storey and 4-storey apartment buildings, including basement parking. The buildings will be connected by a linkway and café with dining area to service the site.

The Smart Road Development will see a range of independent living residents living and interacting with the ELC, creating a one-of-a kind community whilst providing opportunities for intergenerational activities.

The development features 77 apartments, a community garden, café, community hall / lounge and will include 15,800m2 of new building footprint:

  • North Building: Basement Level Carpark, Ground Level Child Care Centre, Offices, Level 1 and Level 2 Independent Living Units
  • South Building: Basement Level 1 & 2 Carpark, Ground Level through to Level 5 Independent Living Units
  • Café & Linkway: Connection between North & South Buildings with commercial kitchen and dining spaces
  • Siteworks: Roadways, visitor carparks, pedestrian paths, landscaping, urban farm area with raised planter beds, seating and external furniture

85 Smart Road is conveniently surrounded by Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, the O-Bahn Interchange, Modbury Hospital and other community and healthcare services.

This unique project will set a precedence for future retirement villages in community integration and is set for completion late 2021.

Time Lapse

ECH Modbury’s timelapse update from September 2020 can be viewed here.


The University of Adelaide Infrastructure Investment Program

The University of Adelaide
- Education - Multiple Projects

The University of Adelaide’s Infrastructure Investment Programme designed to accommodate the future planning needs of technology and facilities around its campus.

Sarah has successfully completed a series of refurbishment, fit-out and extension projects for the University, across its fully occupied Adelaide campus, the city and the parklands.

The Sarah Team are following a collaborative approach working with the consultants and the University project teams to ensure each project is a success. Open and honest communication and a problem solving philosophy have helped to resolve any challenges early throughout the design and construction phases of the projects.

Safety is high on the agenda for Sarah and the team continues to work closely with the University Safety and Building Management teams, to develop detailed plans based on the institution’s stringent safety requirements. This approach has ensured the safety of not only the students and staff, but also the sub-contractors and the general public.

Westminster School Campus Upgrade Artists Impression

Westminster School Master Plan

Westminster School
- Education - $28M

After successful completion of Block 100, Block 200, the Mathwin Centre and the Boys Boarding house, Sarah Constructions tendered and secured the construction of three new buildings for Westminster School under a GMP contract type of arrangement. The $28M project includes a new three storey Inquiry and Innovation Hub, construction of a new three storey Food, Library and Performing Arts Hub, and refurbishment of the existing 300 Block learning areas, which also includes demolition of existing buildings, development of outdoor learning areas and landscape and associated building services and external works.

The 3 stages are set to be completed by late August 2021.

Time Lapse

Westminster School’s Stage 1 time lapse update from July 2020 can be viewed here.

Westminster School’s Sports Pavilion time lapse from July 2020 can be viewed here.

Pilatus Adelaide Airport Hangar

Pilatus – Adelaide Airport

Pilatus Australia
- Commercial - $12.7M

The new Pilatus facility comprises of a 3560m2 3 storey office/ administration facility, including parts Store and a 1560m2  Hangar for aircraft parking. The Hangar is essentially a display/ showroom facility to showcase Pilatus aircraft. It will have inbuilt services for future adaptation of one of the Hangar bays for aircraft maintenance capability.

The facility being constructed at the southern end of Sir Reginald Ansett Way and immediately next door to the existing Royal Flying Doctor Service facility. It will have an airside interface along the Hangar and Office alignment, with Pilatus having responsibility for all landside works including on site car parking and access road. Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) will, through a separate contract deliver the airside works including 3000m2 (approx.) apron, diversion of the airside road and associated airside civil works.

Pilatus Adelaide Airport’s recent timelapse from July 2019 – February 2020 can be viewed here.

Murray Bridge High School Artist Render

Murray Bridge High School

- Education - $18M

The revitalised Murray Bridge High School will be a connected, multi-disciplinary and contemporary learning environment that engages all learners.

The project scope, in line with the program objectives, will provide Murray Bridge High School with new General Learning facilities, a purpose built Specialised Learning Centre and refurbishment of existing infrastructure. The new facilities will deliver additional learning areas to cater for increased enrolments as a result of the Year 7 transition to Secondary School, respond to existing capacity pressures, and to provide improved facilities for specialist needs education for secondary students in Murray Bridge and the surrounding regions.

The proposed works include:

  • The construction of a new two storey building to accommodate the middle school cohort and a new Special Education Centre
  • Demolition of a number of existing DEMAC and Transportable Buildings
  • Relocation of two existing transportable buildings, inclusive of connecting roof canopy and decking
  • A new tech studies building
  • Refurbishment of building 3 Tech Studies west wing into a new Entrepreneurial Centre
  • Refurbishment of art spaces in building 1, level 1 & 2
  • Extension of existing car park
  • General upgrade of gas and communications site services
  • Site Landscaping works

The $18m project is based on a lump sum contract with DPTI, together with COX Architecture as the architect and lead consultant. It will be staged as follows;

  • Stage 1A: Demolition of existing DMAC buildings
  • Stage 1B: Relocation of transportable buildings, timber decking and canopy
  • Stage 1C: Construction of new Tech Studies Building, including 3 workshops
  • Stage 1D: Construction of two story Sturt Building; a new middle school, special needs & disability unit, 20 classrooms, indigenous studies, kitchen and other facilities
  • Stage 1E: Art Centre Refurbishment
  • Stage 2: Entrepreneurial Centre Refurbishment
  • Extensive upgrade of services and landscaping works

Expected works are due for completion in late 2021.

Time Lapse

Murray Bridge High School’s timelapse update from September 2020 can be viewed here.

Mt Barker Regional Sports Hub

Mt Barker Regional Sports Hub Stage 1

Mt Barker District Council
- Recreation - $16M

The Mt Barker Regional Sports Hub is a multi-discipline sporting facility comprising 2 FFSA approved soccer pitches, an exhibition grade AFL / cricket oval and extensive landscape, civil and services infrastructure package within the approximately 120k m2 site. The soccer pitches and the oval are serviced by pavilion club room buildings with accompanying tiered grandstand seating for each.

Stage 1 construction is supported by $14.6 million in grant funding and in-kind support from the Australian Government through the Community Development Grants Programme, Building Better Regions Fund, the South Australian Government, Football Federation South Australia, Australian Football League, South Australian National Football League, Cricket Australia and the South Australian Cricket Association.

Works are being undertaken on behalf of the Mount Barker District Council and is due for completion in November 2020.

St Michael's College Primary Campus Redevelopment

St Michael's College Primary Campus Redevelopment

St Michael's College
- Education - $5M

The St Michael’s College Primary Campus redevelopment is now underway; the delivery of this project will enable the school to cater for increased enrolments and provide ongoing enrichment through a quality new learning environment that is innovative and adaptable to the current and future educational needs of the students of St Michael’s College.

New building works will not only enable increased capacity but will include a contemporary state of the art Early Primary Centre encompassing:

  • Five new Early Primary Classrooms with breakout spaces both indoor and outdoor, with access to nature play. The Green space at the front of the building will be enhanced and utilised as a secure, outdoor learning and play space.
  • An Innovation Centre which will incorporate: Thinkers Tanks, Makers Space, Design Space, Campfire, Resource Centre and Radio Station/Podcast Lab.
  • A new Art Centre on the upper level.
  • Energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting and water retention and recycling initiatives.

The Primary Campus is undergoing a re-development to create refreshed, new and innovative learning spaces for the students and staff. Strong demand for an education at St Michael’s requires the College to provide modern, fit for purpose, infrastructure to support their teaching and learning programs.

This $5 million dollar refurbishment is due for completion at the end of Term 3, 2020.

Yatala Labour Prison Redevelopment – Early Works

Yatala Labour Prison Redevelopment – Early Works

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government
- Commercial - $11.35M

Works are currently underway at the Yatala Labour Prison, the State’s largest metropolitan prison. This portion of the project includes the delivery of two purpose-built buildings accommodating a business centre and staff training and wellbeing centre. In addition, there is associated landscaping, a bike shelter structure and a new paved staff / visitor car park.

The project delivery is staged, where Stage 1 is delivery of the car park, and Stage 2 comprises the delivery of the new staff and wellness facilities. All of which is being built just outside the secure perimeter of the Yatala Labour Prison.

One of the major challenges of the project is relocating the services infrastructure from the existing facilities to the new facilities, ensuring there are no disruptions to the operating prison facility. The team are closely managing this process through workshops, hold points and close collaborations with DPTI and the Department of Correctional Services.

Expected completion is September 2020.

Australian Motors Mazda Showroom

Australian Motors Mazda Showroom

Australian Motors Mazda
- Commercial - $7.4M

Works are currently underway for the Stage 1 redevelopment of Australian Motors Mazda at Edwardstown, with modifications to an existing car storage warehouse commencing construction in October 2019. The existing warehouse was converted to a temporary showroom for Mazda to operate from during construction of the main build. Once complete, Mazda were able to relocate in order for the main works to commence.

Stage 2 involves the demolition of the existing showroom, workshop and car park and commencement of construction for the brand new larger showroom, workshop, car park and external works.

The new showroom and workshop layout provides Mazda with additional space, car parks and an aesthetically pleasing façade, as well as improved functionality and operations of the business.

The full height glazed façade with feature cladding and large Mazda logo signage makes an architectural statement from South Road and will be sure to attract new clientele.

The new store is due to open in July 2020.

PMB Defence Logo

Production Factory & Office

PMB Defence
- Defence / Industrial - $20M

The PMB Defence project is just outside the Osborne Naval Shipyard precinct at Osborne. The 26,000m2 site will comprise of a new production facility used for the engineering services and manufacturing of niche products for current and future submarine platforms.

Sarah Constructions worked closely with the client and design team throughout the extended procurement phase; this collaborative approach ensured the challenges of the site conditions and key elements of the building were procured correctly.

The building is separated in to two main key areas:

  • A production area including multiple separate zones that ultimately complete the assembly line.
  • A large office area including engineering workshops, testing facilities, amenities and the corporate office space.

The 46 week construction program will see the 12,500m2 structure take shape; comprising 6,000 cubic meters of concrete, 260 precast panels and 670 tons of steel along with the fit-out, three external carpark areas and landscaped staff breakout areas.

Sarah have maintained and continued to work closely with the client and end users throughout the construction phase to ensure the complex production fit-out and transition from the current operational facility will be seamless. Construction commenced May 2019 with an expected completion date of April 2020.

Lyell McEwin Hospital Carpark

Lyell McEwin Hospital Carpark Extension

- Health - $4.9M

As part of the Lyell McEwin Hospital redevelopment works announced in the 2017 State budget, Sarah Constructions have been awarded the construction of an extension to the existing multistorey carpark valued at $4.9 million. This 5-level extension connecting horizontally to the existing parking facility will generate a total of 205 additional parks for long-term staff use at one of South Australia’s three major hospital sites.

A number of Environmentally Sustainable Design initiatives have been incorporated into the design and construction methodology, such as the complete reuse of façade screening removed from the existing western elevation and effective usage of natural lighting and ventilation.

Works are set to be completed by early July 2020.

ACH Group's ViTA at Healthia

ACH ViTA at Healthia

ACG Group
- Health/ Aged Care - $37.5M

Sarah Constructions have been selected as preferred builder for the new 1200 square metre ViTA facility by ACH Group. ViTA will form part of a larger Healthia development incorporating residential aged care services, community and health related services and education partnerships as a health and well being precinct within the City of Playford Health Precinct.

The Healthia site is located in Elizabeth South, adjacent to the Lyell McEwin Hospital. It will be a multi-purpose facility with a care delivery service built on the ACH Group model of Good Lives for People which fosters an emphasis on restorative care and enablement programs.

At a high level, the 5 Storey ViTA at Healthia design brief provides for:

  • 85 bed residential aged care facility and associated facilities
  • 15 apartments for disabled persons with eligible plans funded under the NDIS
  • Associated services including a café, hairdresser and resident gym
  • Health and wellbeing space
  • Retail tenancies at ground floor
  • Community & private open spaces
  • Resident, staff and visitor parking

You can find out more about this innovative project here.


Hectorville Sports & Community Club

City of Campbelltown
- Recreational - $3M

Construction has commenced on the Hectorville Sports & Community Club, incorporating both junior and senior Cricket, Netball, Australian Rules Football, Tennis and a Female Fitness group area. The existing building will undergo a major renovation including the refurbishment of the 40 year old ground floor male, female and accessible public toilets and change rooms.

The new facilities will include a balcony overlooking the tennis and netball courts providing a better spectator experience, together with an extension to the existing building that incorporates new umpire facilities and unisex change rooms. The first floor refurbishment and extensions include new toilets, kitchen facilities, plus dining and lounge areas for club patrons to enjoy. A new café will also be incorporated in the ground floor extension servicing club and community users.

Works are set to be completed by November 2020.


Grace Apartments, Glenside

Cedar Woods
- Residential - $16M

Following the successful delivery of the $25M Stage 1 Botanica Apartments at Glenside, Sarah has been awarded the next stage in this prestigious residential development by Cedar Woods.

The $16.6M Stage 2 Grace Apartments is currently under construction and comprises an intimate group of 42 apartments over 4 levels incorporating a superbly appointed penthouse.

Each of the one, two and three bedroom apartments are architecturally designed and situated within a unique parkland setting overlooking the heritage building precinct and the city. Also in alignment with Botanica, Grace Apartments achieves a 7-Star NatHERs Rating for sustainable living.

Sarah will utilise its experience and lessons learnt from the Stage 1 Botanica construction to inform this next stage of works. Particular focus will be placed upon improved constructability, including scaffold adjustments to accommodate the external Deltacore facade construction.

Expected completion is May 2021.

More information on this project can be found here.

Aldi projects in South Australia

Various Projects

- Retail - $10M+ (Collective Value)

Sarah’s customer-focused team of supermarket specialists has worked closely with ALDI, providing tailored projects to suit the discount chain’s specific needs. By working closely with local management, Sarah ensured store fit-outs meet strict timeframes set by ALDI group management based in Germany.

Some of the ALDI projects, include:

  • ALDI Nuriootpa – With a Christmas deadline project delivery was accelerated allowing ALDI to open for trade over the Christmas period.  Sarah’s ability to integrate fit out with base build allowed for a quick build and successful project outcome for the client.
  • ALDI Modbury – this project needed to be of the highest quality, but in a very short time frame. Sarah also needed to manage and monitor ALDI’s nominated trade subcontractors, to ensure they could meet the strict programme requirements.
  • ALDI Parafield Gardens – one of the first ALDI supermarkets to be built in SA and included the new 2000mbuilding, storm water drainage and car park.
  • ALDI Hallett Cove – a complicated project that required Sarah to re-route deliveries for other tenants / shop keepers, due to the redesign of the existing car park.
  • ALDI Blackwood – The design of this project incorporated a post tensioned suspended slab for undercover car parking, precast concrete, structural steel and a lift. To accommodate the restricted site area of the project, the ALDI Blackwood project team were able to sequence construction works in multiple stages.
Woolworths Retail Outlets

Various Projects

- Retail - $30M+ (Collective Value)

Woolworths has a long term and on-going relationship with Sarah – recognising us as the construction company with the experience and dedicated team to deliver successful store builds and fit-outs – fast!

Sarah continues to work with Woolworths on a number of projects, including being involved with design, cost management and programming. Woolworths require a high level of communication from Sarah on these projects, to ensure minimal disruptions to everyday trade within the supermarkets.

Significant projects include the 6450m2 Woolworths Shopping Centre at “Playford Alive” ($16 million), Aberfoyle Park ($4.4 million),  Waikerie Tenancy ($3 million) and Golden Grove ($2.9 million).  Sarah delivered all of them on time. In fact, the Golden Grove project was completed in just 11 weeks and the Playford project was delivered well ahead of schedule, despite losing 18 days due to inclement weather.

Like other supermarkets and retails stores, Woolworths has strict conditions about keeping its stores fully operational, even when significant refurbishments are taking place. That’s why Woolworths came to Sarah in the first place: because of our flexible, customer-focused approach and significant amount of experience delivering on these type of jobs.

Coles Projects

Various Projects

- Retail - $50M+

Sarah has worked extremely hard to establish a strong relationship with Coles Supermarkets and has developed substantial retail experience to deliver successful store builds and fit-outs. On countless occasions, Sarah has also shown how to “go the extra yard” for Coles.

As a result of this strong working relationship, Coles has awarded Sarah multiple extension, refurbishment and fit-out programmes throughout South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. Sarah has delivered these projects successfully, every time.

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