Developing Great Leaders In Construction Management

Real leadership is a quality possessed by the very best team players. Great leaders in construction management work with their team, inspire their team and motivate them to achieve success.

Great teams need strong leadership. At Sarah Constructions, we understand that excellent leadership skills in construction management sets us apart.

Sarah is committed to the ongoing growth and improvement of our staff, which is why we run our Leadership Development Program.

People & Culture Manager, Laura Sarich, explains why leadership is so valuable to Sarah Constructions:

“You can tell when you are working in an organisation with good leadership. Communication is clear and open. All employees understand the vision and goals of the organisation and how they contribute to the organisation’s success. Employees not only feel respected, valued and cared for, they also feel a sense of autonomy supported by a clear purpose.

At the end of the day, we can feel when we are working in an organisation with good leadership. Morale is high, employees don’t want to leave and the organisation experiences sustainable long-term success.”

The Sarah Leadership Development Program

Sarah’s Leadership Development Program takes a holistic approach to honing leadership skills.

Covering stress and self management, negotiation skills and business development, the program is delivered in partnership with some of Australia’s top training providers and experts.

Site Supervisor Corey Mayo participated in the program last year. He believes the program has changed his behaviour and enabled him “to think about things differently”.

“We covered things that aren’t necessarily work related but definitely have an impact on us as people and therefore our work; for example, the negative effects of coffee and too much screen time.

“Rob Hart provided a session on psychology that was unlike anything I have ever done and really useful. The session has made me more self aware.”

Tiffany Porter is participating in this year’s program. For her, it has been invaluable.

“I have participated in leadership programs before but in comparison to this one, those programs were laughable. This is in a totally different league.”


Contracts Manager Tiffany is familiar with constructing compelling arguments. However, the Leadership Development Program has taught her how to negotiate.

“It was mind blowing. I am already implementing lessons learned in both my work and personal life.

I thought I was a good listener but this course really highlighted how much better I could be. Negotiating is about arguing to understand, not to win. It’s a value trade. You do something for me, I do something for you. I want to come across as flexible and able to compromise; this training has helped with that.”

Each program participant is assigned a mentor from the senior management team and given the opportunity to devise and work on a business development initiative. In this way, says Tiffany, “the program has been strategically developed so that you feel ingrained in the business.”

Not only has it helped her professionally, but the benefits are also being felt on a personal level. “Senior management took the time to listen to me,” she says.

“This approach and the company’s way of doing business is growing my trust in people.”

For Corey, the program has strengthened his connection to the business. “I feel like I’m not just a Site Supervisor,” he says. “I’m part of the leadership team, part of something more.”

At the end of the day, the benefits felt by individual participants are also felt by the business. For People & Culture Manager, Laura, this is the bottom line.  

“Our program ensures that our leaders are continuously improving and equipped to keep Sarah Constructions at the forefront of the construction industry, to deliver exceptional results for our clients.”

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