Westminster, Boys Boarding House

Boys Boarding House
Design & Construct GMP
$10 Million

Sarah built Westminster School’s state-of-the-art $10 million boys boarding house, which featured 52 bedrooms, 26 ensuites and landscaped outdoor spaces. The development also included a separate recreation building and two-storey house for the boarding master.

The project was constructed over two phases, with the first phase focussing on demolition and relocation of existing agricultural facilities before building work could start.

A structural steel frame was used in the main boarding house, with bondek suspended slab and cavity brick and block walls. Internal walls were comprised of a layer of fire plasterboard and a layer of fibre cement sheet for durability.

Sarah worked with the school to ensure there was as little disruption for students as possible. The team coordinated building work to suit a school environment, including constructing an access pathway for students through the building site.

“We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Sarah Constructions over two recent key projects. Their ability to provide a value service during the pre construction phase, proactive design options, full engagement throughout construction has produced an extremely positive experience.”

Phillip Styles , Chairman - Westminster School Council

Straight A’s in design and construction.

Boys Boarding House
Boys Boarding House
Boys Boarding House

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Access and traffic issues – limited site access and requirement to minimise impact to daily school traffic. Sarah implemented extra planning to coordinate services access and set up a contractor parking area to resolve parking limitations.
  • Scheduling Limitations. Westminster hire out facilities during holiday periods, further reducing flexibility for noisy works. An intelligent scheduling approach enabled construction to work around the numerous user groups with minimal disruption.
  • Reactive soil impacted footings. The Sarah teamed worked closely with engineers to create shallower and wider footings, solving the problem.

Client Outcomes

  • Transparency in communication and responsiveness to issues.
  • An exclusion zone was maintained throughout the whole build, minimising disruption to staff and students.
  • High level of care throughout the project, including the closing off and hand-over process.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Sarah offered a more efficient, less wasteful and all round better solution for everyone.

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