Fostering quality education.

Sarah works closely with it’s clients in education to ensure we create the very best spaces to encourage learning and foster quality education.

We have built outstanding facilities at primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary centres across South Australia. What sets us apart is our ability to understand the needs of students and educators and use this to create spaces that are comfortable, practical and encourage interaction and learning.

Sarah understands that it is critical in the educational setting that construction work does not interrupt student learning or school activities. Sarah schedules building work around school terms to ensure that wherever possible, major work is completed during school holidays or with minimal impact on students.

Our first and foremost priority on any of our sites is the safety of our staff and clients, and this is especially paramount for education projects. The team at Sarah work with the school to schedule work and develop safety zones for students and educational staff, allowing work to be completed safely and on schedule.

“Sarah Constructions have been a key partner in working with the school to ensure our projects are completed in the most time efficient and cost effective way. They understand the complexities of building within our operating school and have done so with sensitivity, flexibility and respect.”

Jane Danvers, Principal – Wilderness School