University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Student Hub

Roseworthy Student Hub
University of Adelaide
Design & Construct
$1.7 Million

The Roseworthy Student Hub is both a modern, practical learning facility and an impressive architectural example of Adelaide’s 19th century history. Offering a relaxing place for students to meet, study, make social connections and exchange ideas, the Hub is described by UoA as representing “the future of university life right in the heart of the third oldest University in Australia”.

Sensitivity to the state heritage listed requirements of the building was forefront for the design and build. Early involvement of the Sarah team fostered a collaborative environment in which to balance the needs of both the heritage architect and the client outcomes.

The result was a “state-of-the-art hub for gathering and learning” within an 1880s setting, praised by students and local media alike.

The future of University learning delivered within protected heritage environment

University of Adelaide Roseworthy Restoration Works
University of Adelaide Roseworthy Fitout Works

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Working within a heritage site required seamless collaboration between the client, the heritage architect and the Sarah team to enable a modern learning environment to be achieved while adhering to the necessary heritage approvals.
  • One challenge came in the form of rising damp due to water ponding around the building, which threatened to compromise the façade. Sarah redirected the water into draining pits to protect the footings. This improved the longevity of the heritage stonework, avoiding unnecessary future works.

Client Outcomes

  • Age related maintenance tasks threatened to double the scope of the project. Altering construction methodology and program ensured required maintenance was completed while cost and time implications were kept to a minimum.
  • Sarah Constructions delivered an impressive outcome, described by local media as a “state of the art hub for gathering and learning”. Providing such a learning space while remaining sympathetic to the building’s heritage was a defining achievement of the project team.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Due to the remote location of the site, the Sarah team utilised trades in the local community to facilitate access and maintain program efficiency.
  • The Sarah team’s flexibility enabled works to be expertly staged and re-programmed around the continued functioning of the College Hall, in particular the requirement for the on-site kitchen to provide meals for campus residents. Works were conducted in off-peak times and out of hours to suit the occupants.

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