Tertiary-Ready Styled Space

The new 2-storey purpose-designed Gleeson College Senior Learning Centre, delivers a state-of-the-art facility to mirror tertiary style learning spaces and pedagogy, to assist senior students to transition into tertiary pathways.

The Learning Centre incorporates 8 learning areas, flexible meeting and breakout facilities, student hub, think tank, kitchen café, staff offices and student services. Site integration into the wider College was achieved through a new student carpark and site entry that included a series of terraced landscape beds leading down to the oval.

Sarah successfully delivered on the Gleeson College and Cox’s Architect’s brief to create an iconic and modern building as a feature at the front of campus. Striking design and material selections delivered an eye-catching building whilst collaboration with current school elements, such as school signage and brick selection, ensured consistency with the existing College style and buildings.

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

Client Outcomes

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