The Catholic Church Endowment Society, Xavier College Redevelopment Scope 3

Xavier College Redevelopment Scope 3
The Catholic Church Endowment Society
Fixed Price
$5 Million

Blending together existing buildings with new, purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities, the Xavier College “Scope 3” development delivered an impressive transformation. This $5 million project in the staged Master Plan, converted the existing single-storey library into a new Staff Centre, and redeveloped the existing single court gymnasium into a multi-purpose auditorium, including new foyer and refurbished change rooms.

Xavier College engaged Sarah Constructions with the understanding that Sarah would work with sensitivity to both the existing buildings and the school’s ongoing operations. Sarah developed a program of works focused around times that would have minimal impact on the school’s schedule. The project team was responsible for direct collaboration with the client, architects, engineers, material suppliers and specialist contractors to deliver the transformation.

The completed development provides Xavier College with two brand new facilities, which deliver an architectural statement in the school’s main entry and unique point of difference via an exciting purpose-built auditorium space. This project is an excellent example of Sarah Constructions’ design knowledge, flexible programming approach and solutions focus.

“Sarah Constructions was able to achieve the quality outcomes expected for our community, working innovatively with the design team and trades/contractors through complexities of the building designs.”

Karl Barber, Business Manager - Xavier College

Design & Programming Delivers Impressive Transformation


Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Flexible Programming To Minimise Disruptions. Programming complexity was added due to accommodation of daily school activities. The Sarah team went to great lengths to schedule works during holidays, in recess and lunchtimes, on weekends, early mornings and other times that minimised impact to school operations.
  • Applying Contemporary Standards To Outdated Structures. In refurbishing the existing structures, the team encountered numerous structural inadequacies, which required updating to comply with today’s standards. For example, the Staff Centre had no existing roof truss designs, so the team performed a structural review and identified non-compliant areas, which they rectified in consultation with the engineer.
  • Clever Logistics For Limited Access. The project site was located in the middle of the school which restricted access. The Sarah team addressed this challenge by undertaking extra demolition to create multiple pathways into the site and by adjusting temporary fencing on a regular basis as per the focus of works. Specialist small equipment was also used to help overcome space restrictions.

Client Outcomes

  • Custom-Built Acoustic Ceiling. A fantastic outcome for the client was the custom Atkar acoustic ceiling and wall framing panels, which were designed and built entirely from scratch using concept images. The Sarah team, along with our subcontractors and suppliers, conceptualised the form and function of the bespoke aluminium frames and their suspension from the ceiling, to ensure they were compatible with the insulation, mechanical services and the perforated acoustic plywood panels. The ceiling was designed and installed to provide acoustic properties to the auditorium along with the added architectural visual impact at the same time.
  • Communication + Collaboration. The client valued the Sarah team’s commitment to communication, teamwork and their approach to accommodating client requests. The team’s ability and willingness to liaise directly with numerous stakeholders, including the school’s business manager, site maintenance and IT team, was highly valued.
  • Extraordinary Transformation. The most impactful outcome was the transformation itself, from two outdated structures to an impressive visual spectacle at the school’s main entrance; delivered with high quality finishes.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Client Coordination To Fine-Tune Designs. The Sarah team exceeded expectations by meeting with various staff members to fine-tune designs. They liaised with school stakeholders in relation to services, doors and hardware to ensure purpose delivery of end results. This extended to programming the auditorium AV system with input from the end user to ensure it suited requirements.
  • Design Input. Sarah’s design expertise was utilised on multiple occasions. Working within existing buildings, several design changes were required and benefited from Sarah’s input. The team’s expertise was also utilised in the external design, comprising an angled façade of coloured panels.
  • Contractor Collaboration + Management. Sarah’s smart selection of expert subcontractors delivered dividends during the complex design and construction of architectural elements. The collaborative approach consisted of regular design meetings and the production of samples, as well as consultation with CAD designers and material suppliers. Considerable time and effort was spent in coordination, which is evident in the impressive outcomes.

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