30 schools in 18 months.

30 schools in 18 months. That was the challenge accepted by Sarah as part of the Government’s BER Programme.

The sheer enormity of the work meant that Sarah needed to establish a number of industry partnerships with key sub-contractors in order to complete all works safely and on time. On top of the complex nature of managing the large number of projects with fixed completion dates, the Government programme also required a minimum of 10% “trainee” labour on each site. This wasn’t a problem for Sarah, given the company’s ongoing commitment to training and development within the building industry. The Construction Industry Training Board also gave its tick of approval for the way Sarah embraced this requirement of the works.

If DPTI managing the S.A. program didn’t meet the completion date, funding wasn’t guaranteed. Yet Sarah rose to the occasion by successfully completing all 30 public, private and Catholic school projects within the nominated time frames. Sarah also successfully maintained an open line of communication with each school, so that they could manage any additional items of work achievable within the available budget.

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