St Peters Girls, Middle School + Library

Middle School + Library
St Peters Girls
Guaranteed Maximum Price | Lump Sum
$5.3 Million


  • Winner 2018 AIB Professional Excellence in Building Awards (SA Chapter) Commercial Construction $5 Million - $25 Million
  • High Commendation 2018 AIB Professional Excellence in Building Awards (National Chapter) Commercial Construction $5 Million - $25 Million

Sarah Constructions, led by Project Manager Mark Cramp, took an understanding of the client’s vision combined with expert cost management to successfully deliver what other builders considered impossible: A light, open plan learning centre, complete with top of the range equipment and serious “wow” factor. The major upgrades at the St Peter’s Girls Middle School also included a flagship resource centre assimilated seamlessly with the national park surroundings.

The redevelopment of the library into a new state-of-the-art learning centre was phase one of the project. Its impressive Atrium and balcony decks became the focal points of two school Open Days after handover. Phase two saw the conversion of 8 classrooms into a brand new, light-filled resource centre with an impressive cathedral style ceiling; plus landscaping and integration of all buildings via verandahs and walkways into a connected learning environment.

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“Sarah’s are leaders amongst their peers, there is no job too big or too small. The strength of their customer service comes through their relationship building matched to problem solving and genuine goodwill when dealing with unexpected issues”

Andrew Rosser, Business Director

Inventive solutions to deliver the impossible

St Peters Girls Library
St Peters Girls Printer Room
St Peters Girls Deck Area
St Peters Girls Library Ceilings

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Sarah had considerable input into the design and worked closely with the architects from the beginning; researching and coordinating affordable alternative design solutions that remained faithful to the overall vision.
  • One such example was a $20,000 saving on the impressive 8.5 metre balcony window overlooking Ferguson Park, achieved by installing it in two sections. The interaction with the park wildlife and the grandeur of the original design was maintained, but Sarah’s solution was budget sensitive.
  • The engineering of the new resource centre roof was challenging due to the client’s open, cathedral style vision. The Sarah team identified issues with the existing structure and collaborated with the engineers to come up with a workable solution, removing and re-engineering the 50 year old trusses to produce light, open ceilings.

Client Outcomes

  • The original library building was very dark. The introduction of the Southern and Eastern balcony decks provides the students with external learning areas to bring the outdoors in, while maintaining a classroom feel. Similarly, in the new resource centre, the southern wall featured large window boxes students could sit in, as though they were working in neighbouring Ferguson Park.
  • Sarah re-engineered the existing library roof to deliver a high rise glass Atrium in the centre of the building, letting in natural light and transforming the space. This was something other builders had stated wasn’t achievable, and a spectacular outcome for the client who have seen an increase in enrolments since the handover.
  • A progressive cafe style breakout area for the Year 12 students was delivered as part of the new resource centre, a space that is proving very persuasive when showing prospective parents around the school.

Sarah Value-Add

  • With no flexibility in the budget, the project team focused on best value practices and completed thorough research up front to safeguard against unforeseen costs. Sarah worked closely with cost consultants throughout the project. It was due to this expert cost management that savings could be made and redistributed to afford the spectacular Atrium.
  • Working with older buildings however, there are often undocumented issues. Sarah was able to bring solutions to the client instead of variations to the forecasted cost.
  • Bound by the school holidays, the Sarah team pre-manufactured features off site to reduce site works, saving in labour and time, and ensuring the project kept to program. Honouring our word is the most important part of any Sarah project.

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