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A multi-stage project located one street back from Jetty Rd, Glenelg, the St Mary’s Memorial School Redevelopment included the partial demolition of a 1960s two storey building, construction of a new three storey building, new turf soccer pitch and nature playground. The $5.6 million redevelopment involved the construction of a striking façade, paying homage to the nautical nature and history of Glenelg, and a connecting link between the new building and renovated McIntyre Building. This project is an excellent example of Sarah Constructions’ collaborative approach and expert programming at an operational school, in a busy location.

The key remit, besides sticking to the tight timeline, was to minimise the footprint of construction works, allowing students and teachers to maintain a close to normal school experience, for the duration of construction. Sarah developed a plan that ensured all key deadlines were met, working through school holidays for any noisy and/or dusty activities and resequencing trades to work concurrently to reduce delays.

The new building is a spectacular visual representation of Glenelg’s coastal heritage and a stand-out feature of the updated school, which now features contemporary, open, learning environments. For St Mary’s Memorial School, the greatest outcome was that the exceptional quality and design was achieved in a short constrained timeframe; testament to the project team’s excellent project management and commitment to delivery.

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