University of Adelaide, Infrastructure Investment Programme

Infrastructure Investment Programme
University of Adelaide
Design and Construct - Managing Contractor
$70+ Million


  • Winner 2018 MBA Excellence in Commercial Fitout over $5 Million

The University of Adelaide’s Infrastructure Investment Programme is all about planning for the future, specifically technology and facilities around its campus. The infrastructure strategy guides the overall direction and priorities, and then the Design and Construct Managing Contractor makes it a reality. Since 2013, that Contractor has been Sarah.


High-end projects for Adelaide’s oldest school of higher learning.

IIP University of Adelaide
IIP University of Adelaide
IIP University of Adelaide

Sarah has successfully completed a series of refurbishment, fit-out and extension projects for the University, across its fully occupied Adelaide campus, the city and the parklands. The work to date wouldn’t have been a success, without Sarah’s collaborative approach, to working alongside the consultants and the University’s dedicated project teams. Sarah’s team has also worked closely with cost planners, to ensure that the strict budgets aren’t exceeded.

Safety is high on the agenda for Sarah and the team continues to work closely with the University Safety and Building Management teams, to develop a detailed plan based on the institution’s stringent safety requirements.

This approach has ensured the safety of not only the students and staff, but also the sub-contractors and the general public.

IIP University of Adelaide
IIP University of Adelaide
IIP University of Adelaide
IIP University of Adelaide

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Working in and around students. Sarah created separate work zones to manage OHS standards as well as minimise impact to students and staff.
  • Historical building issues – asbestos, old switch boards, Heritage listed buildings. Sarah has taken responsibility to develop building documentation and historical knowledge of the site.

Client Outcomes

  • Assistance on call – Sarah team member based on the University Campus, providing informed construction advice from idea inceptions, right through to delivery.
  • Ability to draw from a wide range of expertise – Sarah brings in the best project team to suit particular specifications of each project.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Willingness to work on all things big or small.

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