Quality Construction To Grow The Faith Community

The new 2-storey Middle School development for Faith Lutheran College features four General Learning Areas, an Open Learning Area and several refurbished ground floor classrooms, facilitating the addition of Year 7 students to the Faith campus for the first time. The style of the building has been carefully designed to match the existing West Wing, bringing a contemporary aesthetic to the Middle School without detracting from the heritage of the College.

Sarah Constructions provided Faith Lutheran College with a detailed master program during the tender period to outline how the project would be managed within their fully operational facility to meet the deadline of the new school year. Completing on time was a key remit of the project, as the Middle School upgrade would allow the school to accommodate Year 7 students in the new year.

The updated Middle School features 550sqm of suspended floor space and an impressive main foyer and stairs. This expansion represents an exciting moment in history for the Faith College community.

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