St Peters Girls School, St Peters Girls School Science & Art Buildings

St Peters Girls School Science & Art Buildings
St Peters Girls School
Fixed Price
$6 Million

The $6 million upgrade to the science and art building represents an important step in the St Peters Girls School Master Plan. With a critical deadline to meet student requirements for the start of semester four, the development consisted of refurbishment to the existing science and art building, which is attached to the 100-year-old Elizabeth Pike building. The upgrades include laboratories, chemical store, art studio, break-out areas and accessible roof top terrace.

St Peters Girls School engaged Sarah Constructions under a fixed lump sum for the development. The key requirement, besides critical delivery deadline, was to make a statement with the façade and entrance. Sarah collaborated closely with the architects and interior designers to ensure the client’s creative vision could be achieved.

The new science and art building is a vibrant, high-end facility and a huge talking point for visitors to the school. Sarah’s attention to detail and commitment to understanding the client’s particular requirements is evident in the final result. With a complex design and construction, the result is particularly rewarding for the team; and the fact that it was delivered on time is a prime example of Sarah Constructions’ project management capabilities.

Meticulous Attention To Detail Brings High-End Finish To St Peters Girls School


Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Daily Student Safety Checks. Working in an operational facility always adds an extra layer of complexity to a project. The new science and art building was attached to an existing building, currently occupied by young and curious students. To ensure student safety, the Sarah team introduced a daily review of the temporary fencing between the build and the functioning school rooms.
  • Manual Handling in Restricted Access. Due to the layout and design of the building on the Southern side, the main building had to be constructed with minimal access, requiring all materials to be lifted over and into the space without machinery. Sarah coordinated an efficient’ chain of labour’ to maneuver everything into place manually.
  • Careful Sequencing in Limited Space. the limited space onsite required strict management of the number of workers onsite at any given time. Through careful programming, the Sarah team put together mark-up plans and mini-programs to avoid sub-contractors working on top of each other.

Client Outcomes

  • Exceptional High-End Finish. A high-end project finish was achieved through the materials used, matching the client’s brief. Every room had its own colour or theme that coordinated across the floor, joinery, walls etc. Bright colours and patterns bring vibrancy to the rooms to deliver a refreshing, bright and enjoyable learning environment for students.
  • Feature Façade, Expertly Coordinated. Between the vertical louvers and the sunshade screens, the façade makes a dramatic visual impact. Comprised of many different materials, from the windows and structural steel, to the Equitone cladding and curved wall, the façade is a breathtaking composite of different elements. Sarah managed the complex assembly of components with regular stakeholder meetings, shop drawings, and allowing for additional structural tolerances to provide support. Site measurements were double and triple checked, before pre-cast was surveyed and measured on site to ensure all elements being fixed to the façade were correctly fabricated.
  • On Time Delivery. The Client’s vision was delivered on time for the start of semester four. Restricted site access, limited space, complex design concepts and high-end material requirements could have caused delays; however, the Sarah team’s superior programming and project management ensured any lost time was recovered.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Exceptional Attention to Detail The building design featured exposed services, electrical, duct work and AV on the ground floor. To meet the client’s high-end finish requirements, management of this work required meticulous attention to detail to ensure everything was installed to look neat and tidy. Sarah coordinated a sample for review and approval before installing the entire ground floor.
  • Minimal Disruption. Due to the extremely tight and occupied space, the Sarah team worked very early in the morning to avoid disruption to parents or students. The project team also managed traffic and delivery of large items, such as pre-cast panels, at times that didn’t clash with school drop off or pick up.
  • Open Communication + Collaboration. The team’s goal throughout this project was to maintain regular client engagement, understand their expectations and make them feel like part of the build. The feedback received from the client confirms that this goal was achieved. Sarah Constructions is known for exceptional communication skills and collaboration. It was this open interaction with interior designers and architects that ensured the high quality finish and alignment with the design intent.

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