Pembroke School, Pembroke Middle School Redevelopment

Pembroke Middle School Redevelopment
Pembroke School
Managing Contractor
$22 Million

Combining state of the art learning facilities and contemporary design, the Pembroke Middle School redevelopment offers students and teachers a progressive vision for the future of Science, Technology, Design and Art studies. This exciting redevelopment features six science labs, four design labs, plus mechanical and machine workshops, five art studios, several flexible floor spaces, a digital suite, staff offices, and a 15 metre high insitu concrete “shard” feature facade providing earthquake restraint to the building.

Pembroke School engaged Sarah Constructions and Grieve Gillett Andersen for this redevelopment with a key remit to ensure delivery of the project within tight time constraints. A covered footbridge, facilitates connectivity and interaction with the existing campus while also incorporating future environmental sustainability via solar panels installed on the roof. Prefabricated offsite and installed as a complete structure, only minor onsite work was required, fast tracking the programme and minimising disruption for both the school and residents.

The redevelopment delivers an inspirational educational space, with exposed services, solar and water capture, and examples of environmentally sustainable products and service. For Pembroke School, this flagship project represents an exciting leap forward.

The project team were solution focused, lateral thinkers as well as always flexible and responsive to any minor alterations or suggestions from other consultants or the School. The entire project team possess an exceptional work ethic with a high regard to industry WH&S standards.”

Peter Sulicich, Building and Grounds Manager – Pembroke School

Construction to Inspire Future Generations Of Researchers, Artists & Engineers


Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Problem Solving To Avoid Delays. Initial investigations revealed asbestos lagged conduits in-ground. In lieu of a major shutdown and cable relocation, the Sarah team kept cables live during construction of the sub-structure, without disruption to the school and surrounding suburbs. A specialised footing system was engineered to bridge over the conduits, which was “high risk” work that the team conducted in close consultation with structural engineers.
  • Remediating Contaminated Soils. An environmental report found contaminated soils requiring remediation measures. The Sarah team’s collaborative approach with the environmental scientist ensured a cost-effective solution, and a safe working environment for students and teachers was maintained.
  • Unique 15-Meter-Tall “Shard” Feature. With vertical raked walls, the shard provides both earthquake restraint functionality and aesthetic appeal. Early collaboration with architects, Grieve Gillett Andersen, and specialist subcontractors helped ensure the build was achievable. An Inspection Test Plan was developed by the Sarah team to mitigate risk and safeguard quality, and subcontractors were carefully vetted before selection.

Client Outcomes

  • On Time and Exceeding Expectations. Pembroke School received the Middle School redevelopment on time and exceeding their expectations in terms of architectural detailing, quality and finish. The multi-level atrium allows natural light to fill the entire building and the view from the top level to the bottom is impressive, a talking point for visitors to the school.
  • Unique Architectural Element. The completed “shard” successfully delivered a unique architectural element in South Australia, which represents the very highest level of quality in terms of detailing and finish. A true testament to the collaborative design and construction process.
  • Inspirational Learning Space. The new center is a standout educational facility in Adelaide, allowing students to benefit from an inspirational learning space that fosters creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. To compliment the schools Artist in Residence program, the completed development now supports the new Researcher, Business and Entrepreneur in Residence programs.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Exemplary Relationship Management. The Sarah team’s exceeded expectations through their high-level relationship and project management skills. This included early involvement from subcontractors, as well as clear and consistent communication with the design team and client. Excellent prioritisation enabled action at critical times to expedite project completion on time.
  • Foresight Delivers Project Efficiency. The site itself presented a significant challenge in terms of location and logistics. Sarah advised the school to include the leasing of the adjacent reserve within their budget for accommodation space, material laydown areas, deliveries and plant positioning. This foresight allowed efficiencies in construction processes and provided safe access.
  • Rigorous Planning. As accuracy and precision were a significant priority for the construction of the “shard”, Sarah engaged surveyors to provide set-out and as-built documentation. The team’s rigorous planning and resource selection ensured the very highest level of finish and detail.

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