Focused Issue-Resolution & Design Experience Brings State-of-the-Art Sports Pavilion to Westminster School

The redevelopment of Westminster School’s Sports Pavilion was an essential part of the School’s Masterplan. The $3.3 million project comprised demolition of the existing  outdoor cricket pitches, to be replaced by construction of the new Pavilion featuring state-of-the-art gym, professional grade change rooms, upstairs function room with bar and kitchen, teachers’ staff room and an expansive roof, which covers seating for 300+ spectators.

Sarah Constructions was engaged by Westminster after successful completion of Block 100, Block 200, the Mathwin Centre and the Boys Boarding house projects. Certain aesthetic elements were of particular importance to the client, for example, the large roof canopy, which has an overhang of approximately 5 metres, and tiered seating beneath, had to be orientated to afford views of both adjacent ovals.

The completed Pavilion is a future-proof sports facility and an impressive feature within the Westminster School grounds, displaying a light-filled façade of seating and windows surrounded by 10-15 metre long steel shrouds. These were installed in sections, welded on site, ground down and painted to eliminate visible signs of the join.

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