Transformation: From Unusable Hillside To A Gathering Spot Of Culture Sharing And Learning

A unique space where culture, learning, landscape and celebration intertwine, the new Yungkurrinthi Inparrila (Meeting Place) at Flinders University is complete. What began as an unusable parcel of hillside between the main Plaza and Yunggorendi buildings at the Bedford Park Campus is now home to intimate cultural ceremonies, gatherings and smoking ceremonies. The site now hosts learning and teaching activities such as Open Day, Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week, inbound schooling and Orientation events.

Sarah Constructions was engaged by the University and undertook considerable forward planning to navigate the technical difficulties posed by the site’s location and steep slope. The Sarah team engaged FMG Engineering to provide advice for the temporary engineering required to ensure safe access.

Yungkurrinthi Inparrila is an excellent example of Sarah’s forward planning and collaborative approach to transform an unusable space with considerable technical and access difficulties, into a safe working site with minimal disruption to the students. For the University, the result is a beautiful acknowledgement to the Kaurna people, as well as a functional spot for everything from intimate private study to large capacity events.

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