Westminster, Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre
Managing Contractor converted to Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
$4 Million

Creating an environment that nurtures and inspires our future leaders to achieve greatness was a challenge that Sarah took very seriously.

The $4 million Westminster Early Learning Centre is a two-storey building catering for 88 students from three years old, featuring two large activity spaces and adjoining quiet rooms. The upper level is dedicated to junior primary teaching and contains three flexible learning spaces, with large breakout areas.

The building’s façade is a real eye catcher, designed in Equitone (CFC), a unique natural finish fibre cement panel manufactured from high-density autoclaved fibre cement.

The collaborative project approach driven by Sarah’s experienced team delivered a space that will foster learning and development for years to come.

“We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Sarah Constructions over two recent key projects. Their ability to provide a value service during the pre construction phase, proactive design options, full engagement throughout construction has produced an extremely positive experience.”

Phillip Styles , Chairman - Westminster School Council

Building blocks for a great education.

Early Learning Centre
Early Learning Centre
Early Learning Centre

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Services connections – detailed external services coordination was implemented to ensure on-going functionality with no disruption to school operation.
  • Traffic management – school pick up and drop off traffic management needed to be as unaffected as possible. Sarah worked proactively with the school to create a successful solution for parents and students.

Client Outcomes

  • Sarah modified original designs. Such as the use of structural steel and lightweight cladding to maintain design intent but at reduced project cost.
  • Maximum work conducted during school holidays, minimising disruption to the school community.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Through creative design solutions, Sarah achieved significant cost savings for the school.

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