Communication and Can-Do Attitude Transforms Block 300 for Westminster School

After successfully completing early stages of the Westminster Masterplan, Sarah Constructions secured construction of three new buildings for Westminster School. The $28M project includes: the new Inquiry and Innovation Hub (Stage 1), the Block 300 Refurbishment delivering a new Art Centre (Stage 2) and a Food, Library and Performing Arts Hub (Stage 3).

The scope of the Block 300 Refurbishment included demolition of existing buildings, landscaping, associated building services and external works to create a new Art Centre, known as the Carter Studios. The new design transformed the previous cramped and dark rooms with large, open spaces to facilitate both the creation and display of students’ art.

Providing a new home for both Creative Arts and the school’s Digital Media studios, the Carter Studios have brought world-class editing and creative spaces for film, radio and digital projects to Westminster School. For Sarah Constructions, this project demonstrates how valuable open lines of communication and proactive problem-solving are to successful delivery.

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