Holden, Holdens Plant

Holdens Plant
Lump Sum Contract
$25 Million

Sarah has had a long standing relationship with Holden at Elizabeth and has worked on a broad scope of projects, including expanding the workshop and plant facilities and internal alterations. Sarah also built assembly and plant production sheds, scrap tunnels to press lines, as well as paint shops and extensive concrete roadways for internal networks.

A significant concern for Holden with each project is dust control. Sarah managed this by bringing in large dust walls, separating the building works from vehicle production. With each job processes are put in place to check the water and moisture content of concrete before pouring to ensure its permeability and durability would not be compromised.

Safety controls were crucial given the round the clock nature of the factory. Sarah developed processes to ensure the safety of Holden and Sarah staff, including managing external traffic around the site and within construction zones.


Teaming up with Holden.

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Highly sensitive machinery in operation throughout the build. Sarah used a unique and tailored approach to ensure zero interruption to on-going production.
  • Complicated design requirements for milling machine concrete pour. Innovative solution achieved through expertise of Sarah team.

Client Outcomes

  • Projects delivered on time and on budget.
  • Excellent on-going communication and management of multiple sub-contractor on-site at the same time.
  • Consistent, high quality project deliverables.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Professional delivery with sensitivity to on-site operational requirements.

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