Minda Stage 2 + 3 Masterplan Development
Minda Incorporated
Aged Care / Retirement Living
Lump Sum
$78.5 Million


  • Winner 2019 Australian Institute of Building Professional Excellence in Building Awards (SA Chapter) - Commercial Construction $50+ Million

Successful completion of stage 2 & 3 of Minda Incorporated’s 10-year Master Plan, delivered a historic milestone for the organisation.

Minda CEO, Cathy Miller said “This is a landmark day in Minda’s 120-year history because it offers an opportunity to replace outdated living arrangements for more than 170 residents with new accommodation that combines the comfort of home with a contemporary model of service delivery and state-of-the-art technologies,”

In completing stage 2 & 3 of the Masterplan, Sarah Constructions delivered:

  • 2 new multi-story residential towers at Brighton Dunes residential complex, with 70 luxury apartments; including 4 exclusive penthouses.
  • 2 new three-story residential buildings to house Minda residents.
  • A new Lifestyle Precinct consisting of 4 single story buildings.
  • 18 new, self-contained residential dwellings to house Minda residents and clients.
  • Site-wide infrastructure including roads, extensive landscaping, pathways and public spaces.

All residential living options reflect best practice in Universal Design Principles and Ageing in Place. The project also included a wetland area, amphitheater, community garden, coastal nursery, pedestrian friendly paths and integration with the coastal park.

Through the newly upgraded facilities, Minda Inc now operates a progressive and vibrant, integrated urban village, that provides the largest disability support precinct in South Australia.

“As the largest project of its kind in South Australia, it was vital for Minda Inc. to find a construction partner that understood not only the scope of the operation, but the unique environment in which we operate.

The approx. $90 million project, delivered within 17 months and driven with a strong ethos of collaboration, created a space where we had to develop a relationship of trust and mutual understanding to confidently achieve the best outcomes together.”

Michelle Gheorghiu, Executive Infrastructure Director - Minda Inc.

South Australia’s largest disability support precinct brought to life

Minda Brighton Dunes Retirement Living External View
Apartments and housing at Minda Brighton
Lifestyle Precinct at Minda Brighton
Minda Apartments and Brighton Dunes
Minda Brighton Dunes Penthouse View
Minda Brighton Cafe
Minda Apartments at Sunset

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • With the potential to impact high numbers of external stakeholders, including neighbouring residents, schools and businesses, it was imperative to Minda, to manage and avoid negative feedback and coverage during Stage 2 + 3. Sarah successfully delivered this by developing a communication management plan, which was implemented via a working group with participants collaborating from both Minda and Sarah. Regular construction updates were communicated widely to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • The sheer scope of work, with up to 250 trades-people onsite in peak-period, working across a large footprint, incorporating 25 individual buildings, all whilst operations continued for Minda, presented significant challenges. Sarah’s project team managed logistics via sophisticated staging diagrams. This ensured that everyone onsite knew details of ‘what, when and where’ for current project works. Coordinating site works around staff and resident requirements, enabled Sarah’s team to be as invisible as possible, whilst getting the job done.
  • With such a large team onsite, procurement had to be extremely well thought-out and executed. Through high level scheduling and planning, Sarah ensured the correct engagement of trades; making sure certain trades weren’t overloaded nor job requirements under-resourced.
  • Working on an operational site, that housed residents with high needs, added additional risk factors. Sarah engaged people full time to monitor traffic and stop residents or staff from working into construction areas. Through careful site management, there was no incident involving residents or staff throughout construction.

Client Outcomes

  • Minda Inc are thrilled with their upgraded facilities. Sarah has brought to life something that was old and institutional, and turned it into a modern and contemporary precinct, with wide open spaces and technology advanced apartments that facilitate independent living.
  • In collaboration with Minda, Sarah ran a program to employ residents in the construction project. From an initial work experience group of 15 people, 4 Minda residents were employed by Sarah for nearly 1 year. This experience helps residents to access future employment opportunities, through demonstrated work capabilities. Even after project completion, Sarah’s commitment to Minda and their outcomes for residents continues, with 1 resident from Minda offered contract work at the Sarah Head Office,
  • Assistive Technology System integrated into residential apartments will help improve the safety of Minda residents through passively monitoring their movements. Sensors, connected to alarms will alert staff, if residents have wandered outside of safe areas.
  • Included in site upgrades, was a sophisticated site-wide integrated building management system. The system manages all services including electrical, plumbing, internet and air-conditioning, via feedback networks back to one central hub. This enables Minda to manage issues from any building onsite, across all services, from one central location.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Outside of the core project delivery, Sarah delivered additional work, including refurbishing the old laundry into a new cafe, additional new roads, and civil infrastructure to upgrade the underground fire main. Minda realised a cost-saving for this work as the project team was already onsite and additional works were completed within the original project time-frame.
  • Two of the core values at Sarah are people first and collaboration. Sarah proactively demonstrated these values by committing themselves as more than just a construction company working at Minda; by also becoming a supporting partner for Minda’s fundraising efforts.
  • Sarah took an innovative and considered approach to traffic movement in and around site. Located in a highly residential area, it would have caused significant community upset to have numerous concrete trucks or trucks delivering materials parked on residential streets. To avoid negative feedback, Sarah created a new internal road, specifically, so trucks could park onsite and avoid community disruption.

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