Sarah was engaged to construct the first NBN office, data and technical centre for the Southern area located at Lonsdale.

NBN Co. buildings are to complex deliver particularly the external technical modules housing control equipment for the broadband network.  These technical modules are all located on access floor to provision the extensive services connections whilst providing simple access pathways for NBN staff to navigate the site.  These modules must be clean, air tight, conditioned and contain essential fire safety provisions to house the rows of data racks connected through a maze of fibre optic cabling.  The build, commissioning process creating white space followed by handover to NBN contractors for final items must be seamless throughout.  Sarah was able to deliver this complex facility on time, coordinated with NBN staff and contractors to meet their high standards of technical compliance and build quality.

The NBN Co later engaged Sarah Constructions to expand their Greenfields Lonsdale premises in 2016 with further works to the value of $4.5 Million which combined with the initial works of $9.6 Million takes the project total to $14.1 Million.