Expert Cost, Quality & Time Management Delivers Yatala Prison Early Works

The largest metropolitan prison in South Australia, Early Works component of the overall $159M Yatala Prison Redevelopment master plan works have now been successfully completed. The early works consisted of demolition and construction of the new staff car park, a Learning Academy and Northern Metropolitan Business Centre, associated landscaping, plus the installation of new electrical transformers and in-ground communications / digital security infrastructure.

Sarah Constructions were engaged to complete two separable portions outlined within the early works brief, the first for handover in August 2020 and the second a month later in September. The Sarah team programmed both separable portions to progress concurrently in order to ensure key deadlines were met and achieved an overall completion ahead of the required contracted date.

With early works now complete, the Yatala Prison Redevelopment has successfully progressed into the next stages of the Main Works project, delivering on the Government’s commitment to improve the State’s public prison system, strengthen security and drive down the rate of reoffending. This project is an excellent example of Sarah’s cost, quality and time management.


  • High Commendation 2021 AIB Professional Excellence in Building Awards Commercial Construction $2 Million - $25 Million (SA Chapter)

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