ALDI, Blackwood

Fixed Price
$5.6 Million

Completion of the Blackwood ALDI demonstrates the supermarket chain’s commitment to South Australian customers, suppliers and workers; now with over 30 stores in the state. Positioned next to both residential and commercial tenancies, this new build required a strategic construction approach.

Innovative solutions to work around site and staging restrictions were initiated from Sarah’s expertise in the retail sector.  One of these solutions included building the structure in two halves due to the restricted site access.

Our retail specialists worked closely with ALDI, to provide valuable insights for the time-restricted build. The effective sequencing of works required for on-time project completion were a direct result of the industry-specific professionals within the Sarah team.

Retail innovation and expertise at ALDI’s Blackwood store


Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Building on a postage stamp. Building on an extremely small site, surrounded by residential and commercial tenancies proved To minimize disruption Sarah maintained open lines of communication with all neighbouring tenancies and managed the construction in multiple stages.
  • Keeping Browse In & Save. Existing ALDI tenant Browse In & Save required the ability to remain completely operational throughout the build. By staging the ALDI carpark build and creating fenced pathways through the build site, the Sarah team ensured carparks were available to shoppers throughout construction.
  • Ground water. Excessive rainfall caused significant delays on site. The project team extracted ground water using sump pumps before carting offsite and worked extensive hours to alleviate weather-induced delays to ensure the program was met.

Client Outcomes

  • On-time opening. Despite significant delays caused by rain, the Sarah team ensured the store opened on time. In the 8 weeks leading up to deadline the team intensified operations, working night shifts and Sundays to enable on-time build completion.
  • High-quality finish. The aesthetics and level of finish Sarah achieved for the Blackwood store exceeded expectations and received high praise from ALDI, especially given the limited timeframe.
  • Extras accommodated. Sarah went above and beyond to accommodate a number of wish-list items ALDI had requested that were not included in the original scope of work. Extra trolley bays, guard rails and other additional items were incorporated into the final build.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Making the impossible possible. The Blackwood site was known by all to be extremely challenging. Despite significant weather delays, ground water and in-ground asbestos, the Sarah team worked collaboratively to complete the build on schedule and in time for the opening.
  • Retail sector expertise. The project team’s expertise in the retail sector allowed Sarah to streamline a complicated project. Our customer-focused team of specialists brought strong knowledge and understanding of ALDI’s needs and requirements throughout the build.
  • Innovative build. Working with a significantly restricted site area, the Sarah team approached the build with innovation and a comprehensive construction methodology. The build took place in two halves, with the groundwork, first floor, steel work and roof being completed first before everything was moved back and construction on the second half commenced.

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