Hurley Hotel Group, Marion Hotel

Marion Hotel
Hurley Hotel Group
Managing Contractor
$15 Million

With a mix of premium accommodation and hospitality facilities, Marion Hotel is the new jewel in the crown of the Hurley Group. The new five level accommodation tower features 50 guest suites – 36 standards, 4 disability compliant and 10 deluxe. Further to this, the $15 million dollar redevelopment features new service areas including a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, lift lobby, gaming facility, office and reception, plus a Garden Bar extension, expansion of the existing drive-through, redeveloped customer areas and the refurbishment of the Marion Road frontage.

The Hurley Group engaged Sarah Constructions with the confidence that Sarah could deliver the project while  maintaining hotel operations, limiting the potential for lost revenue; handover needed to be achieved on-time as the hotel had already secured future bookings for shortly after project completion. Sarah developed a unique five stage construction program to maximise the hotels operational facilities and allow the business to continue to function effectively throughout the duration of the works.

Sarah’s flexible, collaborative approach facilitated the expert program staging required; the team ensured they understood the hotel’s operational requirements, with regular clear communication with stakeholders allowing Marion Hotel’s business to continue as usual. Catering to diners, corporate and functions customers as well as visitors requiring accommodation, the upgraded hotel is now a contemporary, premium hospitality destination with luxury styling and atmosphere.

Flexible Construction Approach Delivers Premium Accommodation & Hospitality Destination

Marion Hotel-redevelopment-internal-accommodation-bedroom
Marion Hotel-redevelopment-internal-dining-room
Marion Hotel-redevelopment-external-carpark
Marion Hotel-redevelopment-internal-dining-room

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Maintaining Hotel Operations. Implementing a five-stage program of works with innovative logistical solutions enabled the hotel to remain operational throughout the major redevelopment works. An example of this was building the new three-lane drive-through and cellars over the top of the existing drive-through, which was then demolished, facilitating minimal downtime.
  • Coordination of Works Around Feature Tree. As part of the Garden Bar extension, the client wanted to keep a large existing tree as a focal point. Protection of the tree throughout construction was paramount. The Sarah team put a tree protection zone in place to protect the roots from damage. In addition, the tree was trimmed, in stages, as the building was built around it.
  • Flexible Construction Approach. The client was heavily involved in the design, which evolved continuously throughout the project. To manage this, Sarah adopted a flexible construction approach and implemented strong project administration skills to enable client changes but not let the project timeframe blow out.

Client Outcomes

  • Premium Luxury Accommodation. The Sarah team was able to achieve the client’s specific vision for the new accommodation by building an off site prototype room before building the accommodation structure. This enabled early client involvement, with time for changes to achieve the required premium aesthetic, feel and finer details.
  • ‘Heart of Hotel’ Garden Bar. Successfully maintaining the health of the feature tree in the main Garden Bar, a space referred to by the client as the “heart of the hotel”, delivered a stand out feature. The overall look creates significant impact and is an impressive talking point for the hotel.
  • Value Management To Achieve Vision. Natural timber cladding had been specified in the original design. However, the material’s ongoing maintenance requirements would be cost prohibitive. Sarah went through an expert value management process that resulted in the selection of an alternative material – Teak Cemintel Territory Cladding – achieving the high-end finish required without the ongoing maintenance budget.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Pre-Planning & Prototypes. The Sarah team exceeded expectations for the client in terms of attention to detail and pre-planning. For example, the early completion of the prototype room off-site enabled changes to finishes to be made without delay to the overall schedule. Styling the prototype room also allowed the client to begin marketing before any of the rooms were actually built – therefore reducing any delay once rooms were complete and maximizing hotel revenue.
  • Multi-Staging To Maintain Operations. Multi-staging the works, and including several different hand-over stages, including three fire tests, allowed the hotel to remain operational. The Sarah team worked closely with the client to understand their business requirements, minimising the financial impact to the hotel through multi-staging and innovative solutions.
  • Flexibility & Solutions Focus. Having a flexible and accommodating approach, the Sarah team helped the client make decisions and find solutions while still hitting their deadlines. It was this collaborative approach that ensured that Sarah deliver exactly what the client wanted.

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