City of Prospect, Prospect Oval Redevelopment

Prospect Oval Redevelopment
City of Prospect
Managing Contractor – Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
$3.5 Million

When it comes to winning a flag, the City of Prospect really gets behind its local footy team! The North Adelaide Football Club recognised a need to enhance the training facilities at their home ground, Prospect Oval and Sarah was promptly drafted.

The project converted the existing grandstand into a new gym and function centre. This also involved transforming the downstairs players’ facilities, to include new meeting rooms, amenities, plunge pool and medical areas.

But, it wasn’t an easy victory. This complex structural project required an enormous amount of planning. Sarah needed to build the new structure around the existing grandstand stage, prior to its eventual removal. Sarah rose to the challenge, working with the client and the designers, to identify the best solution.

A gutsy win for Sarah Constructions and the City of Prospect.

Prospect Oval Redevelopment
Prospect Oval Redevelopment
Prospect Oval Redevelopment
Prospect Oval Redevelopment
Prospect Oval Redevelopment

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • High degree of structural complexity. Sarah engaged a flexible approach, using ‘outside the square’ construction process to facilitate the work.
  • Range of technical issues – old buckled walls, salt damp, rotting timber. Expertise and industry excellence within the project team enabled proactive problem solving.
  • Up-front unknowns. The client relied on Sarah to reliably determine limitations and what was feasible within time and cost limitations.

Client Outcomes

  • Ongoing collaboration to deliver the project on time and on budget.
  • Complex problem solving, proactively worked around limitations of existing structure to deliver on the clients vision.
  • Identified design limitations up front, provided significant cost savings.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Exemplary design planning to make the project possible.

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