St John Ambulance, Prospect and Woodville

Prospect and Woodville
St John Ambulance
Health Care
Design & Construct

The redevelopment of two existing St John Ambulance sites in Woodville and Prospect comprised much needed updates to the kitchen, bathroom, office, car parking and training areas as well as landscaping. This project is a credit to Sarah Constructions’ expert cost management capability.

St John Ambulance engaged Sarah Constructions with a brief to update, revitalise and consistently rebrand the two sites, with a key remit to create improved and engaging training areas for delivery of first aid courses. The project team was able to utilise their design expertise not only to bring the existing buildings in alignment with current disability and safety standards, but also to create a coherent theme and colour scheme throughout.

The completed development provides St John Ambulance with contemporary, functional and inviting training areas plus a high-quality finish for staff and learners to enjoy at both facilities. For Sarah Constructions, it showcased the team’s ability to build trust by successfully working in a close advisory capacity.

A Rebrand and Revitalise For Two St John Ambulance Sites


Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Update Existing Elements. Where possible, for cost savings, the Sarah team refreshed existing features instead of replacing them; such as the showers at Prospect that were kept and re-tiled, while doors and partitions were saved in Woodville.
  • Preemptive Issue Resolution. A structural corrosion issue was identified at Woodville in the parapet wall. The project team rectified this before it could deteriorate further, by removing sections of the blockwork, then reforming while simultaneously replacing the window.
  • Complying With Disability Code. To manage both the budget restrictions and disability code compliance, the Sarah team conducted considerable pre-planning, identifying openings to be widened to maintain existing plumbing points and any reusable walls.

Client Outcomes

  • High Quality Finish On A Budget. The Sarah team was extremely mindful of finish selections and build approach in order to implement the most cost-effective solutions at every opportunity, while maintaining visual impact and quality delivery.
  • Consistent Branding Across Sites. A key client remit was to deliver consistent branding across sites. Sarah created the theme and design specifications, including red and white highlights. The client’s distinctive colours were continued internally – walls, carpets, blinds, ceilings, flooring and bathroom tiles – all with the same repeatable theme.
  • Engaging, User-Friendly Training Facilities. The appealing, updated training spaces have been a huge success for the client, who feel they can comfortably compete in the training market for first aid courses.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Improved Training Space. A client priority was an engaging training space. The Sarah team changed the orientation of the rooms to improve usability. By understanding room usage requirements, the team delivered creative solutions to increase user-friendliness.
  • Exceptional Communication. The Sarah team exceeded client expectations through high level communication and willingness to help. This created a level of trust between the client and the Sarah team.
  • Cost Management + Solutions Focus. Sarah’s expert cost management and problem-solving delivered excellent and affordable construction outcomes. The Sarah team created a “shopping list” of options that empowered the client to make informed, budget-conscious decisions throughout the process.

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