Functional spaces with quality design.

Our health care clients seek the perfect blend of functional spaces with superior quality and stylish design. We understand these spaces cannot just look good, they need to be workable too. We work with our clients to create just that – superior buildings that have all the right elements to provide outstanding health care.

Sarah understand that our clients are passionate about creating warm and inviting spaces for their patients and visitors. Our team listens and sets out to provide solutions to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. We work hard to ensure that our clients feel that they are in safe hands.

Our aim is to make our clients feel comfortable and involved throughout the entire building process. We strive to ensure our clients maintain confidence in our abilities, and most importantly, feel that they are valued.

When embarking on our strategic vision of developing a centre of aeromedical excellence for the benefit of our patients, consumers, staff and stakeholders, we required synergy with our build partners to achieve our design and operational intent.   As the build progressed Sarah’s consciously shifted their focus from ‘construction’ to ‘development’ of the facility and our corporate partnership, taking a vested interest in ensuring that the facility would take pride of place in the aeromedical precinct of Adelaide Airport and set the benchmark standard for such operations.”

Ollie Kratounis, Ex General Manager, Business Development – Royal Flying Doctor Service Central Operations