Leukemia Foundation, Patient Village

Patient Village
Leukemia Foundation
Health Care
Managing Contractor
$7.5 Million

The Leukaemia Foundation is an incredibly worthy organisation that provides free support services to people impacted by blood cancer, in every state and territory across Australia. Not just the metro areas; regional and remote rural areas too.

Important work completed for people doing important work.

When the Foundation needed a new facility, specifically designed for the needs of South Australian patients undergoing treatment for Leukaemia and their families, Sarah stepped up to the plate.

The not for profit provider had strict financial restrictions, so Sarah needed to consider functionality over extravagance.

The development needed to be comfortable, private and provide good access to the gardens and community spaces. Sarah successfully delivered 15 two- and three-bedroom apartments, as well as recreation facilities with a games room, gym and children’s play area. Administration and educational facilities were also delivered, as part of this project that came in on time and under budget.

Patient Village
Patient Village
Patient Village
Patient Village
Patient Village

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Highly reactive soil and risk of soil contamination. Sarah engaged environmental and geotechnical experts to mitigate these risks early in the project
  • Sarah provided value management through highlighting ‘wish list’ items (non-functional requirement) with alternative options at less cost.

Client Outcomes

  • Project facilitated around the needs of patients, including landscaped healing gardens.
  • Sarah provided detailed and transparent understanding of cost, with maximum client benefit achieved for all dollars spent.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Detailed design planning with early contractor involvement to manage cost plan.
  • Whole of life costing rather than short term fixes, value for money that will last.

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