Smart Programming and Communication Ensure Ongoing Access and Early Handover

As part of the Lyell McEwin Hospital redevelopment works, the project included the 5-level extension connecting horizontally to the existing parking facility, as well as an environmentally sustainable solar initiative, which was incorporated into the design and construction methodology.

Sarah Constructions was engaged on the $6.7 million dollar project to provide 205 additional parks for long-term staff use at one of South Australia’s three major hospital sites. The highlights of this project were the reuse of façade screening removed from the existing western elevation, use of natural lighting and ventilation, as well as installation of a 750kW solar system of approximately 1600 solar panels.

For SA Health, this is a successful component of the billion-dollar infrastructure injection to boost health care throughout the state. For Sarah Constructions, this project was an exercise in smart programming and communication to ensure maintained access and an early handover.

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