A Staged Approach to Excellence in Construction

St Michaels College is a co-educational Reception to Year 12 Catholic College located in Adelaide’s western suburbs.

Following on from the successful delivery of the significant new infrastructure to the Primary Campus and a new Senior Library (which compromise Stage 1 of the College’s Master Plan), Sarah was engaged to deliver Stage 2 works at the Beverley Primary Campus.

During an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Phase, the expertise and previous site experience of Sarah’s team was integral in developing a staged delivery and handover approach that ensured the uninterrupted operations of the College.

The $9M upgrade was delivered in three stages:

Stage 2A – Refurbishment of Level 1 General Learning Areas (GLAs), amenities extensions to the existing Founders’ Hall, temporary canteen and transportable relocation works to enable Stage 2B, and

Stage 2B – Façade demolition of an existing building to build a new two-storey Performing Arts Centre including theatre rooms, new GLAs, visual arts rooms, music practice rooms, a new canteen, external balcony, podium steps and paving works. Stage 2B also included refurbishment of an existing shed structure to new amenities including female, male and access bathrooms with external troughs and fountains.

Stage 2C – Towards the completion of Stage 2B, the school approached Sarah to deliver additional works which involved fit-out and refurbishment of six classrooms in the existing building.

Despite the challenges of working within a constrained and fully operational education environment, additional scope, and a mid-year intake of more than 100 reception students, the project was completed within budget, as program, to the highest quality standards, and without safety incident.

Concurrent with Stage 2 works, Sarah has also participated in the Early Contractor Involvement process for Stage 3 and is the nominated head contractor for these new works.

The continued and exclusive work with the school across multiple stages is a testament to the strong relationships between Sarah, St Michaels College, and its consultants.

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