Modular Solutions to Complex Challenges

Modular solutions to complex challenges

Sarah has a reputation for looking at the construction industry through a different lens; we don’t see problems, we see solutions.

As the needs of our clients evolve, we have challenged our teams to explore emerging technologies, which has led us to new ways of building, and the ability to respond to the most complex of client requirements.

Modular buildings are increasingly requested by clients seeking solutions to immediate needs, often brought about by rapid growth in their own organisations.

Without the ability to rapidly design, construct and install new infrastructure, our clients would not be able to provide continuity of services or supply to their markets.

While the full design and delivery of high-quality, fit for purpose buildings over just a few months may seem daunting to many builders, Sarah’s modular team is characterised by a ‘can-do’ attitude, and a collaborative approach to working with clients, architects, and subcontractors to meet tight timeframes.

We have been working with modular methodologies since 2018, and now have a thriving construction centre based in Sarah’s warehouse, with a dedicated team and robust trade partnerships.

Sarah’s most recent modular project is a suite of classrooms for Westminster School – designed and delivered in only five months from project inception and installed over the Christmas holidays without any disruption to learning or safety concerns for the school community.

As well as reducing operational and safety impacts, modular building methodologies have a range of other benefits including:

  • High quality bespoke solutions – we provide tailored designs which can include high quality architectural design elements, avoiding the limitations and perceptions of standard modular units.
  • Certainty of delivery – off-site construction in a controlled environment allows for greater program control and quality assurance before delivery to site.
  • Value for Money – modular buildings require less onsite labour and time, ensuring business as usual and maintaining your cash flow.
  • Sustainability – facilities are manufactured in South Australia using as many local materials as possible to reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation, and modular buildings are relocatable and have a long lifespan, reducing landfill quantities associated with demolition of permanent.

Our Point of Difference

While modular construction is not new to the South Australian market, we believe Sarah’s approach differentiates us from our competitors.

Jon Anderson leads Sarah’s Modular and Emerging Markets division:

“What sets Sarah apart from other modular suppliers is that we are first and foremost builders, with the added benefit of modular design and manufacturing capability.  No two modular projects are alike, and we design each building with the constraints of its delivery environment and the client’s functionality requirements front of mind. We work closely with architects and consultants to transparently communicate the dimensional constraints of modules, and find a bespoke, fit-for-purpose solution.

“Sarah’s in-house digital engineering division has grown exponentially to support the increase in the modular market, and we are confident that when our buildings are delivered to site, that there are no surprises for the installation teams.”

“We have invested significant time to build a network of exceptional subcontractors who understand the different mindset needed for high quality modular delivery, and our clients often comment that we have not only worked within their program but exceeded their quality expectations.”

– Jon Anderson, Sarah Constructions General Manager – Modular & Emerging Markets
Westminster Modular GLA by Sarah Constructions

Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular buildings are particularly suited to meet unexpected infrastructure needs, particularly when clients are exploring new markets, or may have an influx of new students or staff to be quickly accommodated.

Once the client’s requirements are understood, modular constraints communicated, and a concept design agreed, construction can commence in Sarah’s warehouse while the detailed design is completed, and in parallel with site preparation and development approvals, shaving several months of time off traditional stick build construction.

“As a business we can clearly see the benefits of modular solutions. Our strategic commitment and investment in this space has allowed us to develop a refined, efficient construction approach to meet accelerated project programs.”

– Jon Anderson, Sarah Constructions General Manager – Modular & Emerging Markets


“By building inside our warehouse, we are not subject to costly weather delays, and can conduct extensive quality inspections before the modules leave for site. Once delivered, we resource projects with contractors experienced in modular installations, which minimises the time spent on site and considerably reduces labour costs.

“For many clients, modular infrastructure is the ideal solution to balance time, quality and cost.”

Modular solutions to complex challenges

Project Snapshot: Westminster General Learning Areas

Sarah has a long-standing successful relationship with Westminster School, a leading coeducational independent day and boarding school in the south-western Adelaide suburb of Marion. It has delivered three stages of the school’s Masterplan and transforming the learning environment with state-of-the art educational infrastructure over the previous five years.

In late 2023, Westminster approached Sarah to discuss the design and construction of modular general learning areas (GLAs) or classrooms to accommodate an influx of students for the commencement of the 2024 year, only five months away.

Compounding the complexity of the project, the school had with a further requirement for the classrooms to be installed in a manner that would allow them to be relocated to other parts of the campus in line with future planning.

Harnessing the experience of its in-house modular division, and using a solution focussed approach, Sarah accepted the challenge and met with the school’s architects to design an interconnected centre of four classrooms, made up of eight bespoke modules.

The modules were constructed in Sarah’s dedicated warehouse, and delivered and installed over the Christmas holidays, using several innovative methodologies to make the modular buildings look and feel like permanent insitu classrooms.

The classrooms are welcoming, functional, and contemporary, with seamless finishes equivalent to permanent buildings, and structural components to facilitate movement to other parts of the campus.

This successful project demonstrates Sarah’s ability to design and construct industry leading modular solutions to meet a full range of client requirements.

Read more about the Westminster School General Learning Area here

Modular solutions to complex challenges

An Investment in South Australia

Terry Tsapaliaris is excited about the future opportunities for modular construction.

“Our success in the modular market will rely on us continuing to unpick our client’s problems; to find solutions where others cant. We see potential modular solutions across the State, and particularly in regional areas where it can be costly to source and maintain trades and labour.”

“Modular buildings not only provide bespoke solutions for business, but with careful planning around weather and road conditions, we are excited about building critical community infrastructure for all South Australians”.

Terry Tsapaliaris, Sarah Constructions General Manager – Operations

Modular solutions to complex challenges
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