Chapley Group, Super Amart & Baby Bunting

Super Amart & Baby Bunting
Chapley Group
Managing Contractor
$3.85 Million

Sarah Constructions worked against the clock with Super Amart and Baby Bunting to convert a 6,000 sqm former Bunnings tenancy at Munno Para Shopping Centre into two separate lettable tenancies suited to the specific requirements of both new tenants, all within a very short timeframe.

After receiving development approval in March, the Sarah project team hit the ground running to get the spaces operational for the new financial year.

Full build without structure was completed over a three month period, meeting the client’s original time frame and the tenants’ project briefs.

It has been a pleasure working with a team who has clearly demonstrated their understanding of “retail development”, with the ability to meet a challenging program and to value manage each aspect of the project to provide cost saving options throughout the construction period.

Marcus Collins - General Manager, Property

Strong leadership & time management ensures super-fast turnaround

Baby Bunting Retail Outler
Amart Furniture Retail Outlet

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • The fast turnaround required by the client, required the project to start prior to completion of the design. As the design was finalised, Sarah responded with flexibility, acting quickly to adopt updates from the Design Team within the original build time.
  • The lead-time for manufacture of several products required for the fit-out, for example mechanical air conditioning ductwork, was too long in South Australia. The Sarah team suggested solutions to the sub-contractor to reduce lead-times; 1. sourcing materials outside of SA, and 2. splitting up the manufacture between multiple suppliers, to improve programme dates.
  • Sarah also worked in tandem with the new tenants on integrated fit-outs, planning a schedule that allowed the tenants’ to work on their finishing’s while the Sarah team continued to finish the base-build works.

Client Outcomes

  • The movement from an unlettable space to two lettable spaces within such a rapid timeframe was an impressive outcome for the client. This meant tenancies could begin in earnest and the property was not left vacant for any longer than absolutely necessary.
  • The programme for this scope of work was originally for a 16 week period, the Super Amart 5,000 sqm tenancy was completed within 10 weeks, while the Baby Bunting development was finished after 14 weeks, finishing some weeks ahead of the original programme.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Essential to the success of this job was Sarah’s ability to bring the right team of sub-contractors on board with the right attitude, to pull out all the stops and push the project forward at pace.
  • Sarah’s focus on relationship building, taking a collaborative approach to the team, meant preliminary works could begin while design was still ongoing, giving the project a head start, which significantly reduced build time.
  • This is also an example of Sarah’s excellent coordination skills and risk management. Strong leadership and Sarah’s ability to think outside of the square, taking a solutions-based approach to the various challenges threatening to cause delays, meant successful project delivery plus a happy client and tenants.

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