Woolworths, Various Locations

Various Locations
Predominantly Lump Sum
$48+ Million (Collective Value)

Woolworths has a long term and on-going relationship with Sarah – recognising us as the construction company with the experience and dedicated team to deliver successful store builds and fit-outs – fast!

Sarah worked 24/7 to ensure Woolworths never missed a store opening.

Sarah has worked with Woolworths on a number of projects, covering the elements of being involved with design, cost management and programming. Woolworths require a high level of communication from Sarah on these projects, to ensure minimal disruptions to everyday trade within their supermarkets.

Significant projects include the 6,450m2 Woolworths Shopping Centre at “Playford Alive” ($16 million), Golden Grove ($2.9 million) and the Arkaba Mall and Woolworths Tenancy ($5.5 million), which included demolition and major structural works.

Sarah delivered all projects on time. In fact, the Golden Grove project was completed in just 11 weeks and the Playford project was delivered well ahead of schedule, despite losing 18 days due to inclement weather.

Like other supermarkets and retails stores, Woolworths has strict conditions about keeping its stores fully operational, even when significant refurbishments are taking place. That’s why Woolworths came to Sarah in the first place: because of our flexible, customer-focused approach and significant amount of experience delivering on these type of jobs.

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Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

  • Minimal visual presence of building works in the store. Sarah adopted a sophisticated staging plan to reduce visual impact of in-store works.
  • Site logistic challenges with location and limited access. Managed through experience and excellent forward planning.

Client Outcomes

  • Delivered on time regardless of extra challenges.
  • Regular communication with the client to ensure they were at ease and aware of what’s happening throughout entire project.

Sarah Value-Add

  • Market leaders in retail supermarket construction allows nimble and quick adaptation of staging plans.
  • Superior communication with all stakeholders, including every department in the supermarket.

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