Construction And Architecture Deliver Excellence at Campbelltown Memorial Oval

The relationship between construction and architecture is intertwined, yet requires give and take, to bring a client’s vision to life. The architect draws the vision. The builder then constructs the physical version of the vision, on time and within budget.

Along the way, there are often “buildability” issues, where the design as it’s documented isn’t feasible in reality. Or the materials and methods required to construct the design, fall outside of the client’s budget.

This is part and parcel of the construction process; it’s rare to have a project where there are no design changes. That’s why at Sarah Constructions, we actively encourage early collaboration with architects on a job. Together, we can approach these issues on the front foot.

Our approach is to pool our expertise and collaborate to come up with the best possible solutions for our client’s.

Teamwork makes the dream work

For us, the architect is part of the project team. We welcome them on site and look forward to working together. A harmonious joint partnership culminates in a better end result for the client, every time.

The same goes for subcontractors and consultants too. We believe that when you’re part of the project, you’re part of the team. Your expertise is valued and welcomed. The Campbelltown Memorial Oval Sports Hub project was the perfect example of this.

A joint venture between Campbelltown Council and the Australian Government, the Campbelltown Memorial Oval was transformed into a modern sporting and community hub. Designed by Hames Sharley, the Memorial Oval Sports Hub was built by Sarah Constructions and our subcontractors.

From the outset, the approach on site was one of genuine teamwork and joint responsibility.

Hames Sharley and Sarah Construction worked well together due to our shared professional and collaborative spirit, we both promote the idea that we’re all on the same team and able to just get on with the project.

The key to collaboration is communication

A critical part of any relationship is communication. The Sarah team used the Aconex system to manage documents and communications. This proved to be highly effective in tracking the history of decision making and cost management. Being centrally located, the system was transparent and inclusive.

Anthony Rigon, Project Administrator at Sarah Constructions, said that open and regular communication is really important to a smooth running project. “We always try to create a ‘how can I help you’ approach to working with others on site. At the end of the day, we want to produce a fantastic outcome for the client. That’s easier to achieve if we all work together.”

“If everybody feels responsible for the project, they make it a priority. The client comes first, always.”

Bringing solutions not problems

Of course, this doesn’t mean the project was all plain sailing. Construction management is all about problem solving; there are always issues to resolve. But when those issues inevitably arise on site, the Sarah team adopts a solution first focus.

To manage any buildability issues, the Sarah team approached the architect with a plan in mind. Instead of just discussing problems, Sarah addressed the issues with potential solutions instead. There was always an attempt to resolve the issue, matched with a willingness to work together to ensure that the build balanced with the architect’s opinion.

There was always a harmonious balance between respecting the design intent and making sure it could work in terms of constructability.

Collaboration creates better client outcomes

The Memorial Oval Sports Hub is a safe, accessible and highly functioning destination, providing quality sporting and recreational facilities for local sports clubs and the wider community. It’s also an example of how the community can come together to create something of incredible value for everyone.

The Sarah team’s collaborative approach extended beyond the project team and consultants to the end user sports clubs, who were given site access during the build, to ensure end requirements for community use were met.

Sarah Constructions, Hames Sharley, Campbelltown Council and the community have created something special, that will live on and add value to the lives of its users for years to come. It’s a powerful example of the excellence that can be achieved when construction and architecture align. Where there’s a willingness to work together, there’s a way to deliver extraordinary construction outcomes and lasting legacies.

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