Enjoyment And Autonomy For Residents At St Basil’s

The St Tabitha Wing refurbishment represents a significant upgrade to the St Basil’s Homes, Aegean Village. Involving a complete internal demolition, the project comprised the construction of 36 rooms, 2 kitchens, multiple living rooms, and a new external courtyard area, with associated landscaping.

St Basil’s engaged Sarah Constructions after completing the $8.5 million redevelopment and relocation of their St. Peter’s facility.  Avoiding disruption to ongoing operations and meeting the program deadline were critical to the project’s success for St Basils; meeting these requirements ensured relocation stress for their existing patients was minimized.

Aesthetics were a major part of the project. The new St Tabitha Wing offers fantastic functionality within the aesthetic ideals of the attached Greek Orthodox church. The indoor spaces were reconfigured within a 1970s-1980s theme to connect dementia residents to a time when they felt safe and at home. The result is engaging and secure, providing residents with a level of enjoyment and autonomy that is central to the St Basil’s Homes community.

Sarah approached the project with a collaborative, solutions-focus, providing value management suggestions to St Basil’s to deliver the client’s vision on budget.

Design Challenges and Creative Solutions

Client Outcomes

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