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The Mitcham Primary School Gym project included the demolition of existing older buildings and gym to make way for the construction of a new gym hall with built in sports equipment, new student learning areas, teachers’ facilities, and student amenities. 

The project also delivered an extensive landscaping area including a new nature play area, decking and a covered outdoor area. Delivered under the DfE/Sensum Modular school program, this project was a mix of conventional construction for the main gym hall and prefabricated timber panelised walls and roof trusses for the amenities and learning areas.  

Due to no road frontage and a tight residential area, limited access was overcome by using a hybrid modular approach. Facade panels were fabricated off-site, complete with framing, window frames and cladding, allowing it to be installed on site in just a few days. The Overall duration of the project was 6 months, instead of the typical 9-month construction for a school gym.

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  • 2023 Master Builders Australia Building Excellence Awards - Modular Building

Sensum have now managed 28 school projects delivered under the AMEF Program and the performance of Sarah Constructions on the Mitcham Primary School project has been a clear stand out as one of the top performers amongst all the contractors to date.

Chris Steele, Project Director, Sensum

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