Education sector expertise delivers world-class facilities and budget savings

Stradbroke School redevelopment has provided students with world-class internal and external facilities. Works included the demolition of an existing building to be replaced with a new Early Learning Hub plus extensive external decking, nature play and playground areas.

The 720m2 new Early Learning Hub comprises four new General Learning Areas clustered around a central serviced (wet) breakout area with supporting Teacher’s Prep, Withdrawal, and Amenities. Works to other existing facilities included new internal ceilings, LED lighting upgrades, external works to replace bitumen, new carpark lighting, new School entry works and extensive mechanical services upgrade to an adjacent building.

Savings unearthed through reuse of the existing buildings raft slab and footings, unlocked funds to upgrade the adjacent four Year 1 teaching spaces to create bookended spaces around the expansive Nature Play area.

Would happily work with this team again. They communicated with the school on a daily basis to ensure minimal disruption to the school’s operation.

Steven Condina, Sensum Senior Project Manager

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