Cost saving modular solution unlocks previously unachievable solution in remote regional mid North

New classrooms and amenities at St Joseph’s Parish School in Gladstone, located in South Australia’s mid North, delivered Catholic Education a cost-effective solution that had previously been considered unattainable. Trade availability and remote location had previously pushed pricing beyond budget constraints until Sarah’s cost effective, volumetric modular solution.  

Sarah achieved cost savings by constructing volumetric modules in the Sarah warehouse using Adelaide based trades. Near complete modules including wet areas were fully fitted out with joinery, flooring and fixtures before they were then transported to Gladstone for installation. Local trades conducted final on-site works, within a 6-week time frame, providing the additional benefit of reduced operational constraints for the school.  

The project delivered new general learning spaces, teachers’ room, amenities including male, female, access and staff amenities, outdoor learning area and decking. Sarah’s outside the box, bespoke solution transformed education outcomes in the mid North. 

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